Server-based biometric authentication solution

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Service Overview

The existing working environment was mostly confined to a limited office space, so the physical security
system that guarded that space was sufficient to protect the company and its employees’ assets and safety.

However, recently, it has expanded to various working environments such as cafes, homes, and shared offices.
Due to these changes in work patterns, we introduce solutions that can protect the personal information and
company data assets of employees who work outside the designated spaces.

Service Process

UBio-ezPass Mobile

Available on a desktop or laptop with a camera or webcam.
For PCs that do not have a webcam installed, facial recognition is conducted via UBio-ezPass Mobile App.

Why UBio-ezPass?

Software solution

UBio-ezPass is a software that is easy
to use as user registration and laptop
registration are easy.

Blocking unauthorized PC

You can block company assets from
going outside by setting only authorized
PCs to access the system.

Blocking unauthorized person

When an unauthorized person is
recognized on the screen, the PC is
automatically locked, so you can work
safely even in an external space.

Automatic logoff system

Security is enhanced by detecting user
activity and automatically logging off
when the user is away.

Face recognition

It is a face-based biometric
authentication solution, so there is
no risk of password loss because
you do not enter your ID or PW.

Anti-spoofing function

It provides anti-spoofing function with
a normal camera mounted in the
notebook. (FAR<0.001% / FRR<1.3%)

T&A Dashboard

You can check the commute status
at a glance by dividing by the number of
total access to work, work hours /
place / status, etc.

Distributed storage of
personal biometric information

Personal biometric information is
distributed and stored, and data is
periodically encrypted through
automatic encryption algorithms.

Reinforcement of
T&A management function

It is possible to set up two-factor
authentication by linking with the
biometric terminal used for commuting
at the existing workplace.

UBio-ezPass Camera

Facial recognition of UBio-ezPass supports the standard Web camera. Based on our competitive image
recognition technology, we provide a product that is best optimized for face recognition a well as an
outstanding performance.

UBio-ezPass Open API

The UBio-ezPass Open API is provided with a web-type Rest API, so it can be developed regardless of
language in a web-type method. The main features include convenient user functionality, systematic
management functionality, and security functionality to store data safely.

Solution Comparison

Server Specifications

UBio-ezPass Server supports duplication between processes in an Active-Active structure. In the case of
DB servers, a separate S/W supporting Active-Standby’s High Availability (HA) is required for duplication.

Various Applications



Construction site

Educational scene



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