with Nedap

Technology Partners

Nedap, headquartered in the Netherlands, is a global leader with 46+ years of experience in access control. Nedap’s access control system AEOS is built as an open platform, allowing for integrated security solutions that fit your needs and demands.

Integration Description

The integration between Nedap and UNIONCOMMUNITY allows users to effectively register biometric information through the AEOS system. UBio-Sync, the middleware facilitates effective biometric synchronization between the terminal and AEOS server.
· Solution name: UBio-Sync Access Control & AEOS Integration
· Integrated Access Control Terminals: UBio Series
· Website: https://www.nedapsecurity.com/technology-partner/unioncommunity/

Integration Key Features

Biometric Enrollment

Data Synchronization UBio-Sync, a middleware, enables fast and effective synchronization of biometric data between the AEOS Server and a compatible access control terminal
Seamless Integration Provide a single interface where users can effectively check authentication logs within AEOS system
Data Protection Ensure all biometric data is encrypted while being transferred and stored within the access control device

Integration Prerequisite

· Operating Settings: Microsoft Windows 10 or above
· Nedap AEOS Version : AEOS 2022.2.3 and higher
· UNIONCOMMUNITY UBio-Sync Version: v 1.0.0
· Compatible UNIONCOMMUNITY Access Control Terminals: UBio Series

System Configuration

· Biometric Enrollment