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Corporate Identity

It has the value of UNIONCOMMUNITY’s inventive biometric technology, reliability, and unique products and solutions.
The green color symbolizes UNIONCOMMUNITY, leading the global market by collaborating with various companies such as biometric and physical security companies in the global market.



Space Requirement

When applying UNIONCOMMUNITY CI, sufficient space must be secured for the logo to maintain its formative characteristics.



Shape Requirement

Therefore, the plan for the application space should be preceded so that the optimum application conditions can be maintained.

Color Requirement

The main colors of the UNIONCOMMUNITY, UNION Green, UNION Black, and UNION White, are the colors representing the UNIONCOMMUNITY. Continuous use of the same color plays an important role in the image construction of the UNIONCOMMUNITY and must comply with the color utilization criteria.

Process Color        C100 / M30 / Y100 / K40
RGB Color              R0 / G91 / B43
Pantone Color       7727C

Process Color        C0 / M0 / Y0 / K100
RGB Color              R0 / G0 / B0
Pantone Color       Black 100%

Process Color        C0 / M0 / Y0 / K0
RGB Color              R255 / G255 / B255
Pantone Color      White 100%