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Technology Partners

AxxonSoft is a software development company that offers video management software (VMS), physical security information management platform (PSIM), cloud solutions (VSaaS), and inhouse-designed customizable AI video analytics. AxxonSoft software provides best-in-class integration and customization capacity for building intelligent video surveillance and integrated security systems of any scale and for diverse industries.

Integration Description

ACFA PSIM is a suite of modules for integrating access control, fire/security alarm, and perimeter security hardware into PSIM-powered security systems. ACFA PSIM allows connecting access control, fire/security alarm, and perimeter security infrastructure to the PSIM platform and exchanging information about the status of access control, intrusion and fire alarm devices and control them using standard Axxon PSIM tools, which allows to accomplish a wide variety of tasks related to access control and operation of fire and security alarms. Integration with UBio series with face recognition features.

· Solution name: UBio ACS and ACFA PSIM Integration
· Integration Type: SDK
· Integrated Access Control Terminals: AC-7000, AC-6000, AC-5100, AC-2200, AC-2100, AC-2000, AC-1100, UBio-X Pro Lite, UBio-X Iris, UBio-X Slim, UBio-X Pro2, UBio-X Pro, FOH02
· Website: https://kr.axxonsoft.com/partners/technology-partners?page=13

Integration Key Features

Supported Biometrics Fingerprint, Face, Iris
Monitoring View real-time access control events in the PSIM Interface
Control Automatically send updates regarding employee changes, access rights, or time zones to the corresponding controllers and readers. This allows for the seamless addition of new users and ensures reconnection to all controllers and readers
Configuration The integration allows you to connect UBio ACS to ACFA PSIM Server for full configuration and settings
Easy Enrollment The integration allows administrators/users to effectively add their face and fingerprint templates

Integration Prerequisite

· Operating Settings: Microsoft Windows 10 or above
· ACFA PSIM Version: ACFA PSIM 1.1
· Compatible UNIONCOMMUNITY Access Control Terminals: UBio and AC series

System Configuration